TOTW: Dragon Age Origins


The Blight invades Tune of the Week!

Dragon Age Origins is BioWare at its RPG best. The journey you go through in Dragon Age Origins is one that should not be missed by BioWare/RPG fans.

From the start you get to choose what race you want your protagonist to be; Human, Elf, or Dwarf. After that comes your class; Warrior, Mage, or Rogue. The choices you make in the beginning of the game determine the way others in the world interact with you.

Without going to much into the game you’re pretty much trying to end a Blight that has risen by getting allies on your side… (Isn’t there another series that follows that same formula by BioWare?)

Enough about how great BioWare can be, (or was): it’s time for the music.

Dragon Age Origin’s graceful  soundtrack is composed by Inon Zur. He’s also composed music for Crysis, Fall Out 3, and Prince of Persia. Quite the  diversity. Inon Zur wrote the Song I Am One in collaboration with the ever talented Aubrey Ashburn. The song one won the Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2009 for “Best Original Song in Video Game”

Simon Pressley of BioWare EA also won the Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2009 for “Outstanding Music Supervision in Video Game”. Good job supervising Simon.

The Dragon Age Origin’s soundtrack was released November 2, 2009.

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Yeah, that game was awesome...then they released Dragon Age 2......

Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo

I agree all the way with you man. Dragon Age 2 was not as good a Dragon Age, nor was the soundtrack.