Top 25 Sexiest Female Characters Of All Time Part 1

Over the next five weeks I will be counting down the Top 25 Sexiest Female Characters Of All Time. Every week I will reveal the next five on the list. The ladies on this list were chosen for their style, physical attractiveness, articulation, boldness and the unlikelihood to find chicks like these in our own lifetimes.

Everyone will have a different girl in mind when thinking of the 25 sexiest females in video games because the word sexy means something different to everyone. Without further ado, here are the first 5.

25) Faith Connors - Mirrors Edge

What’s not hot about an asian chick who can do parkour and kick cops ass? Not to mention she has a hot tattoo sleeve up her right arm that is complimented by an even hotter right eye tattoo.

24) Madison Paige – Heavy Rain

Madison Paige introduced sexy to Heavy Rain. The 27 year old journalist shows off her naughty side when she strip teases Paco Mendez at the Blue Lagoon.

23) Joanne Dark – Perfect Dark Zero

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Joanne Dark in action, this is one ginger haired agent Rare should really think of bringing back to the spot light.

22) Kasumi – Dead or Alive 

Kasumi is one of the key female characters of the Dead or Alive series. She is very easy on the eyes but make no mistake, you do not want to get on this ninja’s bad side.

21) Ada Wong – Resident Evil

Red dress, high heels, and a Tommy Gun; only one female rocks that outfit and that’s Ada Wong.

There you have it, this week’s five.

Let us know what you thought of the first round of ladies on the list and who you would you like to see show up.

Check back next week when I reveal 20-16.

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Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo

nice picks on the women not only are they very sexy but they have there killer devil sides two    

Carlos Joy Ovalle
Carlos Joy Ovalle

nice choices i hope in the next dozen of girls i can see elena from uncharted 2,  naomi from metal gear solid, cant 4get about miranda from mass effect 2 shes a hottie, great starting choices you have cant wait to see whats next!


I hope it gets better because it started pretty bad. Kasumi looks like a wax doll and Joanne, Madison and Faith aren't hot at all let alone sexy. Ada was the only good choice and I find funny that she's so low considering the other terrible representatives. 


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