Resident Evil 6 Confirmed

(Update): It’s all true, watch the trailer below.

Capcom is planning to launch Resident Evil 6 on November 20th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and a PC version later on.

More to come…

(Original): The official logo for Resident Evil 6 has not been revealed. However, a Gamestop shopper has surprisingly spotted an image of what could possibly be the official logo.

The above image was displayed in an American Gamestop and features a purple six outlined in a gungy web-like material.

Underneath the poisonous number six, the image clearly displayed the words Resident Evil and a date of 11.20.12.

Whether this logo is genuine or not, we shall all have to wait until Capcom make an official announcement.

Apparently sources within the development team have started to give website (IGN) more concrete details since the logo leaked though.

They claim that Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy are both in the game along with new partners.

A video on the viral site “No Hope Left” seems to hint at further info tonight as well, stay tuned.

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