Nintendo UK Lists Mario Tennis Open Features

Nintendo UK has sent us this handy review that lists some of the features available in Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS.

The game is available now in all major regions.

Reviewing the Latest Variant of Mario Tennis (Courtesy of Nintendo UK)

The Mario franchise is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse as can be seen from the wide number of Mario games available in the market today. The latest entry in the distinguished group of Mario games is the Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS console which is the fifth tennis game that Mario stars in. Here are some highlights of the latest instalment of Mario in the tennis series.

The Feel of the Game:

The Nintendo 3DS console makes the latest version of Mushroom Kingdom tennis particularly attractive because it supports the 3D engine. Even though this can only be counted as one of the frills of the game and adds nothing new to the gameplay, it is a frill worth keeping an eye out for. In a nutshell, this latest variant from Mario is a basic tennis game that is played by everyone’s favourite plumber and his friends from the Mushroom Kingdom. The single player mode of the game consists of a series of competitions or tournaments.

Controlling Mario and His Buddies:

The game can be played through buttons, the touch screen or through the 3DS gyroscope. There are a range of shots available such as the basic shot, the flat shot, the topspin, the slice and the drop shot. There is also the chance shot wherein you, as the player, are required to run to a circle on the screen and perform a point winning shot.

The Mii Character and Its Customisation:

There are also four special mini Mario games that the game uses to dispense coins to the players. The mini games that a player can play are the Ring Shot, the Galaxy Rally, the Ink Showdown and the Super Mario Tennis. The Ring Shot requires players to hit the ball through a series of appearing and disappearing gold rings of different sizes. The Galaxy Rally mode is about hitting platforms in the space setting while collecting pieces of a star, and the Ink Showdown means dodging ink blasts from behind the court. The final mini game is a real attraction because, in it, Mario is playing squash with a wall that is moving through the traditional stages of the game.

The coins need to be gathered through these mini games because they can be used to buy items for the customisation of the players’ Mii characters. A player can purchase clothes, footwear and rackets that, in turn, affect the statistics of the Mii characters.

The Online Mode Is the Real Attraction:

The real attraction of the game, if you ask anyone who has been anticipating this game or has already tried his hand at it is its online mode. The online multiplayer part of the game allows players to play through either a face to face competition or the cooperative doubles game. A player can collect victory coins by beating other players and this, along with the monthly leader boards, can make the online play more of a long term prospect than temporary entertainment. Furthermore, the online mode of the game also supports the exchange of Mii data which adds the quality of showing off one’s Mii to one’s friends.

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